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American Second World War Memorial

The Inn at The Cape extends a special invitation to Americans who are interested in their contribution to the war effort on the island of Newfoundland.

C 54During the Second World War hundreds of thousands of Americans served in Newfoundland, one of the only parts of North America to be considered a front line in the war to defeat Hitler.

In November of 1944 a Douglass C-54 cargo/passenger plane crashed into the side of Garden Hill. Ultimately 12 American servicemen and civilian crew members died but thanks largely to the efforts of local Newfoundlanders six servicemen survived.

On November 11th the Community of Cape St. George remembers these casualties, and the Town is erecting a memorial to the 12 who died on its territory and to the many Americans who were part of what is often called the "friendly invasion".

When you stay with us we will be more than pleased to escort you to the site of the crash and give you the details on what happened on that mountain over 60 years ago.