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Come Find The newest Gannet Colony in North America

Gannet CountryCape St. George is a bird watchers paradise. In addition to a mixture of domestic birds the Cape is home to an endless flight of seabirds, from a half dozen varieties of gulls, to cormorants to the only Northern Gannet colony on the west coast of the Island of Newfoundland.

In the last ten years the number of spectacular diving gannets has increased exponentially. When the herring or the mackerel are in the bay, large flocks of gannets dive bomb on the schools of fish as they stock up on feed for their young.

The Canadian Wildlife Service has disputed our claim to having a gannet colony at the Cape, but our fishermen insist there is a colony on what they call square cliffs. If you are a dedicated birder you might want to be the first one to bring back solid photographic proof that the Gannet Colony does exist.