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Whale Watching

Cape St. George is a Whale Watching paradise. In the last few years visitors to the Inn were able to watch whales breaching along the shoreline from May until December. Most are Minke whales, ten tonne whales that run about 30 feet long. These whales are somewhat territorial creatures that feed off the pelagic fish that stay on the Cape Shore all summer long.

When whales are scarce in other parts of the province, Cape St. George never fails to please even the most jaded whale watcher.

Last year the Minke whales were constant visitors to the Cape, but they were accompanied by bottle nosed dolphins, mammoth fin whales, and by the occasional humpbacks. Just a short boat ride off the Cape lurk the mammoth blue whales. Although the krill they eat keep them outside the bay, they are frequently washed up along the southwest coast of the island of Newfoundland when they are caught in spring ice and a westerly wind.

Minke whales are a challenge to spot, but when you visit us at the Inn we will teach you how to spot the whales, and what to look for when whale watching.